Brick Mickasso (mickasso) wrote in aacmaw,
Brick Mickasso

Down, Down, Down

Well, the AACMAW webcomic is once again down, because of some hosting issues with Drunk Duck...again. I've been looking into some other web hosts, but many of the other comic websites aren't taking any new members now.

In the meantime, the lovely indigoskynet has drawn some wonderful fan art featuring kindofstrange.

If you'd like to check it out, you can find it on her website here:

While you're there, check out her webcomic, Kismetropolis:

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What O_o?

I've done fanart for you for the holidays before...?
You're the Queen of Fan Art and I'm the King of having a webcomic and not updating.

We miss our AACMAW...
People at DD are chatting away:


December 13 2005, 09:05:46 UTC 11 years ago

Hey Ozone!

So, Drunk Duck is not coming back, and all the archives are lost?

Not good.
woops, that was me.
Yup, It's all dead, but a lot of us are starting again (I've got my own sites of course: )
There's talk of Starting up DD again anyway, but it's all in the hands of Volte. It's his baby, if he doesn't want to do DD again, it wont get done.
Well, shoot. I was waiting for Drunk Duck to get back online. I'll have to find another webcomic host then. I don't have enough traffic to justify my own domain yet. I'm really going to miss the comment system. O_o